Features Published 9 June 2012

Through a Pool of Tears

Our obsession with the mini-blurbs in the Edinburgh Fringe programme remains undimmed...
Natasha Tripney

In the darkness between life and death.  A fragile paper world ravaged by war. A lo-fi sci-fi pleasure machine. An assortment of lethal weapons. A surround-sound poetic adventure. A multimedia dance odyssey. A kinetic coming-of-age story. A medieval revenge rom com. Retold in a Victorian girls’ dormitory.  In the midst of the London riots. Violence abounds.

One solitary day. One remarkable woman. One man, no set, no props. One last brave, magical act. Two struggling writers. Two troubled toddlers. Two hopeless, hapless romantics. Three jilted brides. Four people, one lift. Five clowns. Six birds locked in a cage. Seven mismatched teenagers. Her life unravels. His shadow breaks free. Who will survive?

A crew of misfits. With murder on their minds. Rising from obscurity to power. Through a pool of tears. As the cake is baked before our eyes. Jaded invisible friends. Strange Taoist funeral rituals. The power-gorged elite. The ultra-cool streets of east London. A brilliant, unexpected plot twist. An upmarket brothel. A homoerotic dining experience. A live scientific experiment. A pig in a cage on antibiotics. Cross dressing, heartbreak and time travel. Some light puking. Straight from Weimar Germany. Starring Les Dennis.

Images of hell. Farcical black comedy. Autobiographical performance. Inspirational drama. Impassioned arguments. Bold directorial interpretation. Beautiful puppets. Interactive tragedy. Pulsating physicality. Esoteric spoken word. Folk-fuelled storytelling. Indomitable Scottish spirit. Feisty original music. Macabre cabaret. Russian post-punk. Polyphonic Corsican songs. Internationally acclaimed. Lecoq-trained. Bursting with energy and dance.  Guaranteed to entertain. Fun for all ages. Both children and adults will be entranced.

Universal joys and sorrows. Exhilarating, hilarious and true. Gloriously unique. Deeply poignant. Still relevant today. Performed in a life-size wooden box. On the top deck of a bus. With a few surprises in store. With some gags thrown in for luck. With Antwerpian new wave direction. With a pizza delivery mid-performance.

On the coldest night Edinburgh has ever seen. Share the horror of his last hours. Dancing at the edge of an abyss. In the decade of decadence. In a crumbling Communist regime. In a ghostly fantasy world. Soaked in guilt. Armed with nothing but a pair of elbow pads. Love torn asunder. Rings exchanged and vows broken. A cucumber can kill a man. Bring your hankies!

The final storm breaks. The boundaries between fantasy and reality blur. The secret location will be revealed via email. Don your bobble hat. Come roll your dice.

You, the audience, will decide.

The 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from 3rd – 27th August. For tickets and further information visit the website.


Natasha Tripney

Natasha founded Exeunt with Daniel B. Yates in 2011 and remains responsible for the overall editorial management of the site. Since March 2015, she's been joint lead critic for The Stage, along with Mark Shenton. She has also contributed to Time Out, the Guardian online, The Space, and The Independent, and she reviews books for The Observer. An occasional writer of fiction, one of her stories was shortlisted for the 2010 Bristol Short Story Prize.