Tracey Sinclair

Tracey Sinclair

Tracey is a published author (honest, she’s on Amazon and everything) and freelance writer, as well as holding down a proper day job and very occasionally having a life. She has been in love with the theatre ever since she went as a child and the theatre caught fire mid-performance, though she has yet to find a show that lives up to that early excitement. She is a keen blogger and writes two blogs on her favourite things: shopping and sci-fi, and is aware this makes her sound both shallow and sad, but can live with that. Her latest novel, Dark Dates, an urban fantasy, is available now.

Miss Represented

Miss Represented

at Brighton Dome

Heartfelt sincerity.

366 Days of Kindness
Come together.

Biding Time (remix)

at The WarrenThree.

The dark heart of the music industry.

Lady Cheek © Tigz Rice Studios 2012. Do not use or copy without permission

What a way to earn a living.
Body heat.

Private Lives

at Gielgud TheatreFour.

A chemistry lesson.

Land of the midnight sun. Photo: Alistair Muir

Doktor Glas

at Wyndham's TheatreFour.

Scandinavian noir.

Trelawny small

Trelawny of the Wells

at Donmar WarehouseThree.

A life in the theatre.

Checkmate. Image: Mug photography


at Union TheatreThree.

All in the game.