Review: 10 Things To Do in a Small Cumbrian Town at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

Home alone: Tracey Sinclair reviews Hannah Sowerby's one-woman comedy with shades of Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood.

26 November


Free Pizza Makes Everything Feel Possible

NDT artistic director David Byrne explains why he's accompanying the theatre's new season with tasty freebies.

25 November


Review: Manor at National Theatre

A house of cards: Lily Levinson reviews Moira Buffini's flimsy, trope-ridden political satire.

24 November


Review: The Offing at Live Theatre, Newcastle

Spooks and shadows: Lauren Vevers reviews Janice Okoh's adaptation of a haunting novel.

24 November


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Review: Juliet and Romeo by Intermission Youth Theatre

A welcome reversal: Angelo Irving reviews a flipped take on Shakespeare by an impressive youth theatre company.

23 November


Review: Rare Earth Mettle at Royal Court Theatre

A puzzle of a play: Alice Saville reviews Al Smith's controversy-stricken story of greed on a Bolivian salt flat.

22 November


Alice Saville

Young love and conflict

Alice Saville writes about Old Bridge, and a recent spate of plays which set poignant love stories against the backdrop of tumultuous world events.

Alice Saville

Theatre’s hiring crisis

As theatres fight to find and retain backstage workers, Alice Saville talks to people on the frontline of theatre's hiring crisis.

the vacuum cleaner

How do we begin to heal from all this?

Artist the vacuum cleaner talks about his interviews with health workers in Newham, and how his new installation-performance EXPOSURE aims to create a space for exploring collective trauma.

Alice Saville

“Please, please, please wear your mask in the theatre”

An imaginary conversation between two theatregoers at a mostly-maskless West End show.

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Review: The Wife of Willesden at Kiln Theatre

A celebration of the community of Brent: Elete N-F writes on Zadie Smith's 'joyous' contemporary adaptation of The Wife of Bath.

20 November


Review: little scratch at Hampstead Theatre

Unspoken thoughts: Brendan Macdonald writes on a sonically rich adaptation of Rebecca Watson's stream of consciousness novel.

19 November


Review: Straight White Men at Southwark Playhouse

'I find myself wishing that this production excavated some deeper weirdness': Frey Kwa Hawking writes on Young Jean Lee's 2014 play exploring white privilege.

19 November


Review: SAMSKARA at the Yard

Lasting impressions: Farah Najib writes on Lanre Malaolu's 'joyful and hard-hitting' choreographic interrogation of Black masculinity.

17 November

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31 August
Natasha Tripney

Censor, censorship, and theatre’s 21st century video nasties

Following the release of new film Censor, Natasha Tripney traces the stories of screen violence, from Mary Whitehouse's outrage to today's horror theatre livestreams.

30 August
Alice Saville

Edinburgh 2021: An ending, a beginning

Alice Saville writes about the strangeness and specialness of 2021's smaller-than-ever fringe festival.

15 July
Holly Maples and Allie Young

Has the pandemic been a step back for working class inclusion in theatre?

"This is not a leveller": Holly Maples and Allie Young explore the pandemic's impact on working class artists, as part of the Freelancers in the Dark research project.

23 June
Ava Wong Davies

“the world is so different now” – seven methods of killing kylie jenner, revisited

Two years after it premiered, seven methods is moving from Royal Court's studio to its main house. Ava Wong Davies asks its director Milli Bhatia about what's changed.