Review: Living Newspaper: A Counter Narrative at the Royal Court (online)

Hot off the press: Hannah Greenstreet reviews the Royal Court's eclectic online experiment in rapid-response theatre.

8 April


A Good Night Out

Maddy Costa writes about the non-hierarchical reading group that explores big questions about theatre, socialism and power structures.

3 April


Review: Open Mic at HOME/Soho Theatre (online)

Eye contact: James Varney writes on liveness in Rob Drummond's unsettling, loss-tinged open mic night.

6 April


Review: The Lucky Ones by Riptide (online)

Two can play that game: Holly Williams teams up with her brother Lyall to review Riptide's ambitious week-long code-cracking adventure.

3 April


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Compass Festival #1: are you listening?

Louise Jones answers the call of ZU-UK's phonebox-based performance in her first piece as embedded critic at Compass, the Leeds-based festival of live art

1 April


Review: The Meaning of Zong at Bristol Old Vic (online)

Writing history: Lilith Wozniak writes on the role of storytelling in Giles Terera's radio play about the 1781 Zong slaveship massacre and the fight for abolition.

29 March


Ali Pritchard

Alphabetti Theatre: A new model for small-scale theatre

Ali Pritchard explains how lockdown gave Newcastle's Alphabetti Theatre time to reflect, and build a new model that works better for both artists and local communities.

Rosemary Waugh

Natalie Ibu: “I think the sector has been too seduced by the idea of new and young and sexy”

The new artistic director of Northern Stage talks doomscrolling, digital theatre, and fighting to bring back the artists that theatre's lost.

Laura Harris and James Rowson

Nearly a year on, UK theatre freelancers are still in the dark

Laura Harris and James Rowson share some initial findings from research project Freelancers in the Dark, charting broken lines of communication, grief, solidarity and hope.

Natasha Tripney

Exeunt: The First Five Years

Exeunt marks its tenth birthday with a look back at its beginnings from co-Founding Editor Natasha Tripney.

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Review: Is Now A Good Time? at Tobacco Factory Theatres

Office romance: Harvey Bassett reviews Out of Chaos's interactive telephone show masquerading as a market research questionnaire.

24 March


Review: Closed Hands at HOME, Manchester (online)

Untangling threads: Mostyn Jones reviews an ambitious game by Dan Hett exploring the fallout of a terror attack.

22 March


Review: A Rain Walk at The Place (online)

A mood: Ben Kulvichit writes on an audio piece which invites the listener on a stroll in the rain.

21 March


Review: The Band Plays On at Sheffield Theatres

'Homecoming': Louise Jones reviews a warming, nostalgia-laden gig theatre tribute to the city of Sheffield.

20 March

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5 February
Francesca Peschier

The Theatre Snob’s Guide to Terrible (aka BRILLIANT) Reality Telly

If you're starved of drama, Francesca Peschier's here to show you the classic reality tv shows that will supply contrived plots, heroic journeys, and bloodthirsty thrills.

28 January
Exeunt Staff

14 things we never thought we’d miss about going to the theatre

Astringent theatre wine, awkward interval conversations, besieged bladders...and all the things Exeunt's writers would love to get annoyed by once more.

24 December
Exeunt Staff

The livestreams that won us round to online theatre in 2020

Exeunt's writers look back on a year of livestreams, and the journey from despondency to hope.

17 December
Samuel Sims

It’s time for theatres to stop treating front-of-house staff as disposable

Samuel Sims chats to front of house workers about why theatres need to change both their attitudes and their contracts.