Review: Overflow at Bush Theatre

Before the flood: Jess Rahman-González reviews Travis Alabanza's play about friendship and toilets.

19 January


The livestreams that won us round to online theatre in 2020

Exeunt's writers look back on a year of livestreams, and the journey from despondency to hope.

24 December


Review: Ratatouille – the Musical (online)

Cooking up a storm: Alice Saville reviews a fan-created musical inspired by Pixar's tale of a talented rodent chef.

3 January


It’s time for theatres to stop treating front-of-house staff as disposable

Samuel Sims chats to front of house workers about why theatres need to change both their attitudes and their contracts.

17 December


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2020: A year for critical kindness

As theatre in 2020 stumbles from crisis to crisis, critics are reaching for the stars – and, Fergus Morgan argues, that's okay.

16 December


Review: Zoo Motel by Thaddeus Phillips (online)

Travelling light: Fergus Morgan checks in for a hotel-themed magic show that's full of flash but missing substance.

15 December


Rosemary Waugh

Bryony Shanahan: “We need to laugh together and cry together to try to figure this thing out.”

Rosemary Waugh interviews the co-artistic director of Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre about her tumultuous first year in the job.

Wambui Hardcastle

Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway: “I wanted to leave the industry with no option but to see us.”

Wambui Hardcastle interviews the founder of Artistic Directors of the Future about her mission to change who gets to lead the UK's theatre buildings and companies.

Alice Saville

Does online theatre really need to be live?

'Liveness' is central to theatre's identity. But how can you create it online? And do you need to? Alice Saville explores the tangled set of questions facing 2020's artists and producers.

Maddy Costa

A broken story for broken times

Maddy Costa turns her interview with Encounter's director Jen Malarkey into an interactive twine story, ahead of Friday's stream of The Kids Are Alright.

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Review: Seeds (online podcast)

“A whole world between my fingers”: An expansive story about food (in)security and seedbanks sprouts from No Stone Theatre's podcast, writes Frey Kwa Hawking.

12 December


Review: Nine Lessons and Carols at Almeida Theatre

Something to count on: Lily Levinson writes on Chris Bush's collection of stories for and about dark times.

11 December


Review: High Man Pen Meander at Tron Theatre, Glasgow (online)

Living architecture: Andrew Edwards reviews a homage to Glasgow poet Edwin Morgan which takes the audience backstage at the Tron.

11 December


Review: The Dumb Waiter at Hampstead Theatre

Low-growling discord: Rosemary Waugh reviews a tense 60th anniversary revival of Harold Pinter's play.

10 December

More Features

18 November
Lily Levinson

“There is no recipe”: Cooking up community projects at Battersea Arts Centre

Lily Levinson speaks to the artists, activists and participants working together to reimagine how BAC engages with its local community.

16 November
Fergus Morgan

Hannah Lavery: “If we do not revise our history, then that’s dangerous”

Poet-turned-playwright Hannah Lavery discusses racism in Scotland, her 'wilderness years', and her new play, Lament for Sheku Bayoh.

2 November
Exeunt Staff

Where to watch (and listen to) theatre online

Plan your Autumn of sofa-bound theatre with our big list of livestreams, archive recordings and podcasts.

27 October
Neil Bettles

Could virtual reality change the way we see theatre?

Neil Bettles, artistic director of Manchester-based company ThickSkin, writes on how experimenting with VR could bring touring theatre to new audiences