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Become a Friend of Exeunt to support our writers and editors so they can keep providing independent, in-depth, longform, and experimental coverage of the UK’s theatre scene as it navigates this pandemic. Your monthly donations mean that we can pay our writers, and secure Exeunt’s longterm survival in a tough landscape for online arts journalism.

How we’ll use the money

We cover our (very low) overheads with our (very low) advertising income. So your contribution will go directly towards paying the writers that make up Exeunt. It’ll be used to commission a full programme of national theatre reviews, to commission ambitious features and investigations, to mentor younger critics, and to diversify our review team.

PLUS we’ll also send you lovingly handmade theatre fanzines in the post. Sign up (at Grizzly or Polar level) by 30th December, 2020 to receive our latest zine, Quizmas, which is full of fun theatre-related quizzes and games. By signing up to the Friends Scheme, you consent to Exeunt using your name, email address and postal address in accordance with our privacy policy.

Support Us

£10 – Polar Bear

For £10 a month, we’ll send you three zines a year, full of original writing from Exeunt. You’ll also be featured on our online list of supporters. You’ll get a face covering illustrated with UK theatres, plus updates on how we’re spending our income.

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£5 – Grizzly Bear

For £5 a month, you’ll get a three zines a year with original writing from Exeunt, plus updates on how we’re spending our income.

Donate £5

£2 – Bear Cub

For £2 a month, you’ll get updates on how we’re spending our income – plus a password to our forthcoming online zine library.

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More info

For any queries, (i.e. to give a Friends subscription as a gift, or to donate another amount) email us at [email protected] or get in touch on Twitter. Bears love Twitter.