Features Published 23 August 2018

DICE Festival

Your number's up: take a spin on Ben Kulvichit and Lilith Wozniak's game-form write-up of the live art festival of chance.
Lilith Wozniak

Photo: Robert Appleton

DICE Festival is an artist-led festival. Each night, six acts are given a corresponding side of a die.

The die is rolled six times and this determines which acts are performed and how many times. Each act stands to perform up to six times, or not at all. Each artist is paid a standard fee.

Lilith Wozniak and Ben Kulvichit’s responses to the event follow the form of the festival. Click the links below to roll the dice.

Read Lilith Wozniak’s review from the 16th August

Read Ben Kulvichit’s review from the 18th August

DICE festival ran 16th-18th August at Summerhall, and was curated and organised by Becky Plotnek, Colette Patterson and Kaiya Waerea. It also plays Camden People’s Theatre from 6-7th October 2018. Full details here.


Lilith Wozniak is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine



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