Features Artist-in-Residence Published 4 July 2012

Body Flown Home (3/10)

The third scene in Kicking K’s ten-part microplay.

Kicking K


Part One, Part Two

Airport. DALE and BRANDY and BOBBY walk towards each other as slowly as possible.

DALE: I swear.
BRANDY: (Hugging) We know.
She wasn’t well.
BOBBY: For a long time.
BRANDY: She loved you.
BOBBY: If the police aren’t prosecuting, that’s good ennought for us.
BRANDY: Bobby.
DALE: (Handing) I have her case.
I can.
Pack the rest of her stuff in it.
You want to come and –
BOBBY: No rush.
We never should have gone on holiday.
BOBBY: She wanted to go.
BRANDY: I’m just glad no one was hurt.
DALE: Sorry?
BRANDY: When she jumped.
BOBBY: Brandy.
DALE: Oh, yeah.
When does she arrive?
BRANDY: We’re expecting her in the next couple of days.

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