Features News Published 15 May 2018

Announcing Exeunt’s New Zine, Bear Skin

A new zine that's all about sex, nudity and bodies in theatre, available exclusively to members of our Friends Scheme.
Exeunt Staff

‘Bear Skin’ will land on the doormats of Exeunt’s Friends in early June

We’re indecently excited to announce that Exeunt’s fifth zine is coming soon – and it’s all about nudity, bodies, and sex in theatre.

It includes: A blow-by-blow account of legendary theatre critic Kenneth Tynan’s erotic show, Oh, Calcutta!. Thoughts on pubic hair. A peek at penises on stage. Words on whether female nudity in theatre can ever escape the male gaze. Some of the perviest quotes we can find in theatre reviews, historical and present. Questions on who gets to be sexy on stage, and why actors still have to conform to what mainstream culture sees as attractive. Illustrations, poems and games. And much, much more, all wrapped up in a lovingly handprinted cover.

Exeunt zines are only available to the good people who’ve signed up to donate £5 per month (or more) as part of our Friends Scheme. All the income from our Friends Scheme goes straight to paying our writers and commissioning exciting investigations, essays, and dialogues for the site. Your support means we can write more, better. And it also helps secure our longterm survival in a tough landscape for theatre criticism: as traditional news outlets cut roles, independent sites like Exeunt need your support more than ever.

EDIT: We’re sorry to announce that due to a number of unforeseen factors, Exeunt’s new zine is arriving a little later than originally planned. It will land on the doormats of Friends Scheme members in the second week of July – thanks for your patience!

Sign up HERE by 7th July to get your copy.


Exeunt Staff is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine