News Published 28 March 2011

Exeunt “live tweet”

Join us from the comfort of your sofa for Anna Nicole on iPlayer.

Rosanna Hall

This Sunday the 3rd of April, at 8pm, you are cordially invited to join Exeunt editor Daniel B. Yates on Twitter, and contribute towards a “live tweet” of the Royal Opera House’s Anna Nicole, currently available on BBC iPlayer.

In keeping with the event, the tone promises to be irreverent and erudite in equal measure.  In addition there are plans to compile the evening’s contributions into a review for the Exeunt pages.

You can follow @exeuntmag on twitter, and view Anna Nicole on BBC iplayer.

We very much hope to twit around with you at 8pm on Sunday.


Rosanna Hall is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine



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