Royal Exchange

Fairyland. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

The Skriker

at Royal Exchange

The earth will one day swallow us.

Pseudo-pantomime mode.

The Ghost Train

at Royal Exchange

The illusion of playing fast and loose.

Photo: Jonathan Keenan

Tiger, tiger, burning bright.


at Royal ExchangeThree.

Gangs of Manchester.

Flower power.

The most relatable, sympathetic Hamlet in years.


at Royal Exchange

Elsinore, so much to answer for...

The talking cure. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

Billy Liar

at Royal ExchangeThree.

Tall stories, soft stories.


Crazy in love. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

orlando (2)


at Royal ExchangeFour.

Magic and transformation.

Mother's ruin.


at Royal ExchangeFour.

Cold dark matter.

An affectionate eye.

That Day We Sang

at Royal ExchangeFour.

Gloriously warm-hearted.

Swingers. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

A tree.


at Royal ExchangeFive.

Kitson and Key collaborate.

Travels with my aunt. Photo: Jonathan Keenan

Too Clever By Half

at Royal ExchangeThree.

Slapstick and sight gags.