Bike Shed Theatre

Credit: Bea Roberts

Infinity Pool

at Bike Shed TheatreFour.

Hope in the form of female friendship.

Non-restorative justice?

Glory be! Spitz and Co.

Tenderness and slapstick.

Engaging and upbeat, cute yet smart.

After the party.

Game-play, tactics and strategy. Photo:  Vish Vishvanath

A paean to the power of the story.

Murder games.

Above Bored

at Bike Shed Theatre

Duality of personality.


Mugs Arrow.

Mugs Arrows

at Bike Shed TheatreFour.

The rituals of men.

Attempts on her life. Photo:Theo Moye


at Bike Shed Theatre

Suicide blues.

The first dance.


at Bike Shed TheatreFour.

Pinched out of existence.



at Bike Shed TheatreFour.

Opportunities for disappointment.

A fragile world. Photo: Chris and Eileen Long

The Disappearance of Sadie Jones

at Bike Shed TheatreFour.

A hypnagogic realm of half-light.