Privacy Policy

If you receive our newsletter then Exeunt will need your name and email address. We only keep these so that we can write to you. We never share your details with anyone else, for any reason. And we keep them safe.

If you belong to our Friends Scheme then as well as your name and email address, we also hold your postal address. That way we can send you our lovely handmade zines, three times a year.

Whether you receive our newsletter or are our Friend, you can always check with us that we’ve recorded your details correctly, and if we haven’t we will change it. Should you decide that there is nothing you hate more than experimental theatre criticism, let us know and we will delete all trace of you. It’ll be like we never met. Just send us an email [] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For the Friends Scheme all payments are managed through GoCardless. You can read their privacy policy here. They are completely independent of Exeunt and do not share any of your payment information with us.

Exeunt is hosted on WordPress. They share with us facts (analytics), like how many people read our articles and which country our readers are from. This helps us know what you like so we can write more of it. What we see of these analytics is completely anonymised and we can’t, nor would we, ever try to tie this back to individual readers. WordPress also have a privacy policy here.

Exeunt do not have much of your data, but what we do have we always look after, and we only use to keep in touch with you. If you have any questions please get in touch.