Podcast Published 30 January 2017

The Legacy Tapes: Natalie Ibu

Rebecca Atkinson Lord talks to Natalie Ibu, artistic director of tiata fahodzi

Tim Bano

*This podcast was included in The Stage’s best podcasts to listen to in 2017!*

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord has a series of conversations with artistic directors about leaving a lasting impact in the ephemeral world of theatre. In this episode, Rebecca talks to Natalie Ibu who runs tiata fahodzi, a company that makes work reflecting the changing African diaspora in contemporary Britain. Discussion turns to diversity, and what that word actually means, as well as welcoming new audiences into theatres by breaking down some of the formalities that are traditionally associated with going to the theatre. 

Find out more about tiata fahodzi here http://www.tiatafahodzi.com/


Tim Bano

Tim is a freelance arts writer and theatre critic. He writes regularly for Time Out, The Stage and other publications. He is co-creator of Pursued By A Bear, Exeunt Magazine's theatre podcast.