Podcast Published 6 February 2017

The Legacy Tapes: Matt Burman

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord talks to Matt Burman about the idea of legacy in the world of theatre.

Tim Bano

*This podcast was included in The Stage’s best podcasts to listen to in 2017!*

Note: this conversation was recorded in May 2016. 

As part of a series of conversations with artistic directors about the idea of legacy, Rebecca Atkinson-Lord talks to Matt Burman, former artistic director of Yorkshire Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival. They discuss proper payment of artists, how to engage audiences, the value of scratch performances and the importance of dialogue. 


Tim Bano

Tim is a freelance arts writer and theatre critic. He writes regularly for Time Out, The Stage and other publications. He is co-creator of Pursued By A Bear, Exeunt Magazine's theatre podcast.