Washing Darks

By Kicking K

7 May 2012

washing darks

A kitchen at night. LUNA, in drag but only underwear, astride a churning washing machine.


HOWARD, rumpled, enters.


HOWARD: What you doing?
LUNA: I’m looking at the moon.
It’s so sad that no woman’s ever been to the moon.
And obviously no one in our line.
HOWARD: You’re washing your clothes.
LUNA: The machine is washing my clothes. I’m looking at the moon.
HOWARD: It’s two o’clock in the morning.
I’m trying to sleep.
LUNA: I’d recommend lying down for starters.
HOWARD: I can’t be round you like this.
LUNA: I know.




LUNA abruptly switches machine off.


HOWARD: &&& (Off) Thank you.


Retrieves a bloodstained dress.


LUNA: &&&&&& You’re welcome.

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