Features Artist-in-Residence Published 27 August 2012

The Far Wall

A one-off microplay by Kicking K.

Kicking K

A single room set. Simplified. Modern.


MC: Ladies and gentlemen.
We had a choice.
Extend the seating, raising revenue…
Or the stage area, allowing ever greater spectacles.
As you see, the seating plan remains unchanged.

The audience ushered on the stage.

The back wall falls.

The other rooms of a house and all its contents, lived-in.

The audience are led deeper.

The back wall falls.

Streets and exteriors – made to scale, crowds of extras.

The back wall falls.

A desert stretching into the distance. Real cacti, grasses and fauna arranged realistically.

The audience are led deeper.


Kicking K is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine