Features Published 15 March 2017

Petition: Save Lyn Gardner’s Guardian Stage blog

More than ever, we need mainstream voices like Lyn Gardner to champion forward-looking, experimental, and truly national theatre. Please sign and share our petition to The Guardian.
Exeunt Staff
Lyn Gardner. Photo: Nosy Crow

Lyn Gardner. Photo: Nosy Crow

On Monday, Lyn Gardner announced via Twitter that this week’s Top Tickets would be her last. But it’s not just the theatre recommendations that are going – her contract for 150 blogs a year has been cut.

She’ll still be doing regular reviews and features, but that’s not enough to maintain her place as a warm, immensely knowledgeable and dedicated champion of new, experimental and regional theatre. Mainstream arts journalism is being eroded fast, and as cuts bite, it’s female, forward-looking writers like Lyn Gardner that disproportionately lose out. She’s a huge inspiration for and supporter of what we do at Exeunt, and we believe that what we do should always be in addition to, not instead of, strong voices in wide-reaching media organisations like The Guardian.

Please sign our petition to Save Lyn Gardner’s Guardian Stage blog.

And just as importantly, use the comments to explain why you’re doing it. Are you an artist who got your start with some generous words from Lyn Gardner? Has she broadened your theatre horizons by introducing you to amazing new work? Has she inspired you to write about theatre yourself? And if you’re a Guardian Subscriber or Supporter, now’s the time to state loud and clear where you want your contributions to go.

As well as signing the petition, you can also email the Guardian directly and use the hashtag #SaveLynsBlog – details on Carl Woodward’s blog.


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