31 October 2016

Hamilton: A Critics’ Dialogue

By Exeunt Staff

Overwhelming levels of Hamil-hype have surrounded Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Founding Fathers musical since it opened Off-Broadway. Exeunt’s New York team debate how the Hamilton phenomenon influences their relationship with the show – and how, as it opens in London, its story has renewed political bite.

25 October 2016

North Country: A post-apocalyptic story for Bradford

By Alex Chisholm

“Whatever side of the deep political divisions you stand, everyone seems to feel ‘their’ country has gone.” Alex Chisholm, co-artistic director of Bradford’s Freedom Studios, explains how post-apocalyptic drama North Country captures a society’s struggle to imagine a future.

24 October 2016

Shon Dale-Jones: “Most people are brilliant when you start asking.”

By Maddy Costa

“You just do what you can, and don’t be overwhelmed by how enormous the scale of things is” – as right-wing extremism grows and the refugee crisis worsens, Shon Dale-Jones is touring The Duke, a storytelling piece that hinges on a china figurine. Here, Maddy Costa talks to him about fundraising through performance, poverty, and making work with a social purpose.