1 February 2017

An open letter to David Hare

By Duska Radosavljevic

“At any other time it would have been enough to just roll one’s eyes and move on. Not anymore.” Dramaturg and academic Duška Radosavljević responds to David Hare’s tirade against European-influenced director’s theatre.

31 January 2017

Writing for Calais

By Maddy Costa

After two decades of writing about performance, Maddy Costa is taking a frightening leap into writing for the stage. She explains why Crew For Calais’s work inspired her to tell the stories of last year’s chaotic refugee camp clearances.

24 January 2017

Jo Clifford: “What prevails is love”

By Alice Saville

Jo Clifford’s ecstatic show ‘Jesus, Queen of Heaven’ brought together christian imagery and trans politics. Here, she writes about the transformative ideas she discovered while translating ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ for Manchester Royal Exchange and Graeae.

16 January 2017

Steakhouse Live Writing: Reflective Responses

By Alice Saville

Steakhouse Live’s Longer, Wetter, Faster, Better is a festival of new radical and queer performance art. As part of a pilot writing project organised by academics Bojana Jankovic and Diana Damian Martin, three writers reflect on the ideas raised by the anarchy, glitter and politics of its performances.