18 July 2017

Not my cup of tea

By Lauren Mooney

Tea House Theatre sparked a Twitter storm after its job listing went viral. Here’s Lauren Mooney on its unpalatable message about undervalued, often female labour in the arts.

11 July 2017

The Welcoming Party

By Aniqah Choudhri

Part of MIF, Theatre-Rites’s new family show uses a cast that includes refugees to explore being different. Aniqah Choudhri speaks to Sue Buckmaster about the complexity behind its storytelling.

3 July 2017

An Octoroon

By Salome Wagaine

“I am still grappling with finding a work so dispiriting when it’s been so widely loved” – Salome Wagaine on Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ reimagining of a historical slave narrative.

22 June 2017

Art with Heart

By Maddy Costa

How can theatre accommodate neurodiversity? Maddy Costa explores how Art with Heart’s touring show ‘Declaration’ remagines relationships between artist, venue and audience.

16 June 2017

Slow Theatre

By Alice Saville

Amy Draper’s ‘These Trees are Made of Blood’ took years to move from initial seed of an idea to a full production. Here, she writes on why ideas need time to germinate.