Features Artist-in-Residence Published 10 July 2012

Body Flown Home (7/10)

The seventh scene in Kicking K’s ten-part microplay.

Kicking K


Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

DALE in suit. MOLL in smart dress.

MOLL: You look good in your suit.
DALE: Decent fit.
Thanks for coming.
I’ve asked for a copy of the letter.
MOLL: Fucking Hell, Dale.
DALE: Yeah.
MOLL: Don’t.
She wasn’t.
MOLL: I mean, look what she did.
DALE: Yeah.
MOLL: You were too good for her.
DALE: Moll.
MOLL: D’you like my dress?
DALE: Yeah.
MOLL: Thanks.

DALE cries. MOLL comforts him.

They kiss.

A mirror falls of the wall.

MOLL stands.

MOLL: Jesus Fucking Christ.
DALE: That was wrong.
MOLL: You see that?

DALE inspects broken mirror.

DALE: Bit late for bad luck.
MOLL: It jumped off the wall.
DALE: What?
MOLL: I don’t like this.

Exit MOLL.


Kicking K is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine