Features Artist-in-Residence Published 6 July 2012

Body Flown Home (5/10)

The fifth scene in Kicking K’s ten-part microplay.

Kicking K


Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

BRANDY and BOBBY sprawled separately in living room. Damage to furniture and each other.

BRANDY: Mr Harvey wouldn’t lie.
BOBBY: He’s mad.
BRANDY: But if.
If Marcheline did speak to him.
BOBBY: She’s dead.
BRANDY: I know that.
That’s the point. He’s a medium.
BOBBY: Gonna have a fucking heart attack over here.
BRANDY: And you broke the remote.
BRANDY: Let me tell you what she said.
BOBBY: What he said she said.
BRANDY: She was angry at us for being so – forgiving.
BOBBY: Sounds like her.
BRANDY: She was our only little girl.
BOBBY: You know it wasn’t his fault.
BRANDY: People look at me funny.
We should want revenge.
BOBBY: On who?

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Kicking K is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine