Features Artist-in-Residence Published 2 July 2012

Body Flown Home (1/10)

The first installment in a ten-part series of microplays by Kicking K.
Kicking K

Police interview room abroad. Dale and two officers.

OFFICER UNO: How time you – together?
DALE: Four.
OFFICER DOS: Anything else?
It’s your time.

Dale looks at the floor.

OFFICER UNO: Major problem.
OFFICER DOS: You’re in big trouble, my friend.

Enter Gladwell. All greet all.

DALE: Thank fuck.
GLADWELL: So where are we?
DALE: They won’t let me see the letter.
GLADWELL: In which she accuses you.
DALE: They say, but listen to them, they can barely –
OFFICER DOS: I speak beautiful English.
GLADWELL: I’ve read the letter.
DALE: Well, tell them.
OFFICER DOS: How is your Spanish?
GLADWELL: It’s not ambiguous.
DALE: Thank you.
OFFICER DOS: You come here and drink everything.
GLADWELL: She blames you.
For her suicide.
I’m sorry, but it’s all true.

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Kicking K is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine