Features Artist-in-Residence Published 13 July 2012

Body Flown Home (10/10)

The final scene in Kicking K’s ten-part microplay.

Kicking K


Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine

DALE at home. Fireplace. Envelope on table. He reaches for…

Phone. Checks.

DALE: Not now, Moll.


Reaches for…


Offstage to answer.

DALE: Alright, Brandy.
BRANDY: Have you read it?
DALE: Gonna now.
BRANDY: I want it back.
DALE: Haven’t you got a copy?

Enter MARCHELINE. Stands like a transparent statue.

BRANDY: I only gave it you because –
I wanted to hurt you.
It’ll make you as bad as her.

Door slam.

DALE: Sorry, Brandy.
BRANDY: Open this door.

MARCHELINE to envelope.

Lifts with difficulty.

BRANDY: Don’t let her win.

Carries to fire.

Enter DALE. Looks on table.



DALE looks upward.


Kicking K is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine