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Announcing Exeunt’s Hallowe’en Zine, Ghosts

Our Hallowe'en zine is a delightfully frightening trip into theatre and the uncanny. Here's what's in it, and how to get your copy.
Exeunt Staff
Artwork for Ghosts, Exeunt's third zine

Artwork for Ghosts, Exeunt’s third zine

As the autumn shadows gather, we’re thrilled to announce Exeunt’s latest zine, Ghosts. It’s full of eerie essays, harrowing illustrations, games and collages inspired by theatre and the uncanny. It’s only available to members of our Friends Scheme.

Since we launched the scheme last December it’s revolutionised what we can do, helping us to offer writers paid commissions for the first time, to cover more regional work, and to mentor new voices. But we’re still run on a shoestring, and we need your help. We want to pay all our writers for their work, and to secure Exeunt’s longterm future in difficult times for arts criticism. Sign up to our Friends Scheme here by October 28th to support us, and to get your copy of Ghosts.


A Ghosthunter’s Guide to UK Theatres – From disgruntled dolphins to usher-bothering apparitions, Lauren Mooney gathers true stories of five thoroughly haunted stages.

A Sh!t Comic – Sh!t Theatre’s unholy cartoon story about an eerie incident on tour.

ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN SHOW REPORT 13 – FRIDAY 13TH MARCH – Stewart Pringle unearths a haunting record of a very stressful night for stage managers.

Kim Kardashian Extract – Sleepwalk Collective present “the ghost of something we might never be able to do again”

Remember the Porter – William Drew’s Macbeth-inspired online game.

The Ghost of Krapp – Lorna Irvine memorialises a brilliant Beckett performance.

Templegrove – Duncan Gates’s thoroughly creepy tale of an exorcism gone wrong.

Several Turns of the Screw – Geoff Mills explores Henry James’ chilling novel-turned-play and revisiting the past.

The Trapdoor Lover – Exeunt’s unofficial immersive theatre correspondent Ka Bradley writes a horrifying short story about a show that’s just a bit too interactive.

Ella – Matthew Miller’s poem is inspired by David Almond’s elegaic play, The Ballad of Ella Grey.

Ibsen’s Ghosts – Jackie Montague on how Ibsen’s drama of family secrets has patterned through her life.

PLUS +++ Loads more, including illustrations, games, puzzles and contributions tba.

All contents/titles are potentially subject to change. Any alterations or substitutions will be announced on this page.


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