Exeunt Fanzines


Exeunt’s fanzines are sent exclusively to subscribers to our Friends Scheme. Our first ‘zine, Exeunt Almanac, was sent out in December 2016. It featured handprinted woodblocked covers, and was stuffed full of 30 pages of original writing and illustrations: we’ve included a list of contents below.

New Friends get a pdf of the Almanac, plus an exciting array of new zines in the post, three times a year. The next zine, Rites of Spring, will be sent out in April.

Exeunt Almanac’s Contents

An Entomologist’s Guide to Edinburgh – Rosemary Waugh on how the city of festivals transforms theatre-goers into pale, twitching Victorian naturalists.
Shakespeare 400 – Dave Ralf’s illustration lets you decide who you want Shakespeare to be, after Emma Rice was ousted as artistic director of The Globe over her use of amplified sound.
Testing 1212 – Megan Vaughan reviews 2016’s theatre into a dictaphone, as inspired by artist Erica Scourti’s Electronic Voice Phenomena.
I tried to understand if my negative reaction was intended – Alice Saville offers a snapshot of feminist criticism from Exeunt in 2016.
Choose your own adventure – Lauren Mooney’s story of why trying to work in the arts when you’re not rich and not from London is really, really tough.
The Intelligent Thespian’s Guide – Emma Smith’s illustration is a tribute to playwright Tony Kushner, ahead of the 2017 production of Angels in America,
2016 montage – Clare Bottomley’s photo collage, inspired by Peter Blake, puts the performers from a year’s theatre at one bacchanalian New Year’s Eve party.
Down with this sort of thing – Alice Saville’s illustration imagines what would happen if theatregoers took their gripes about 2016 in theatre off the page and into the streets.
How the spirit of 1916 fired up Irish stages – Chris McCormack looks at a theatre scene high on revolutions past.
Two Worlds Collided – Maddy Costa’s collage shows how music and theatre came together in 2016.
Reflections on ‘How To Win Against History’, typed into my iPhone notes, in the tipsy dead hours of my last night in Edinburgh 2016 – Stewart Pringle’s self-explanatory piece.
Beyond the fringe of the fringe of the fringe – Andy Field’s story about a festival outside Edinburgh’s borders.