4 February 2013

LIMF Postshow: Clowning Wolfe Bowart

By Ella Parry-Davies

Letter’s End, by acclaimed theatre clown Wolfe Bowart, is a delightful fusion of fantasy, memory and theatrical tricks. Hailing from Australia, Bowart combines the pensive humour of French physical theatre with the slapstick of Charlie Chaplin, with the aid of an array of marvellously inventive props and surprises. In this discussion, hosted by Dick McCaw at the Southbank Centre, Bowart discusses trade secrets, the nature of the clown, and his 99-year-old grandmother-in-law’s take on his work.

25 January 2013

LIMF Postshow: Stan’s Cafe

By Ella Parry-Davies

Birmingham based theatre company Stan’s Cafe (pronounced ‘caff’) on their latest production The Cardinals at the Roundhouse studio space, a chaotic and jubilant romp through key Bible stories, the Crusades, and with a final gesture towards Israel/Palestine’s current turbulence. Graeme Rose, Gerard Bell and Craig Stephens, and director James Yarker, discuss the show with host Dorothy Max Prior.

23 July 2012


Tate Tanks
By Ella Parry-Davies

Inside/Outside: Materialising the Social was the first symposium at the Tate Modern’s Tanks, a new space open for fifteen weeks and devoted to “Art in Action”: live art, performance and intervention. A self-reflexive conversation interrogating the role of the museum within art production and the social, the event presented the Tanks as the gritty subconscious of … Continue reading Inside/Outside