DBY Founding Editor

Daniel B. Yates

Daniel co-founded this organisation with Natasha Tripney in late 2010, from a sense of historical scene-need. The Guardian has characterised his work as “breaking with critical tradition” and his writing on live culture has appeared in TimeOut London, i-D Magazine, Vice Magazine, Dazed Digital, and North Herefordshire Cage Fighting Quarterly. He is the founder of digital research unit Deinstitute.co.uk and lives and works in London E8.


Tears of a queen. Photo: Scottee

The Worst of Scottee

at Assembly George SquareFour.

Where do we turn when the image dissoves?

You and I, will be young forever. Photo: Katherine Leedale

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

at Pleasance DomeFour.

A spectacle-relacing shot of pure gold.

Higgs might fly. Photo: Jan van den berg


at SummerhallTwo.

Science comms.

Getting a Tesla Coil fitted. Photo: Zeno Watson

Ecstatic Arc

at SummerhallThree.

Tourist experience from military-industrial hell.

This Side of Paradise - Summerhal 2013 (2)

This Side of Paradise

at SummerhallThree.

The point at which the body is too persuasive.

museum a

PULSE: Museum’s Secrets

Dancing about museums.

I do like to be beside the seaside. Photo: Tony Franks-Buckley.

PULSE: On the Beach and Kick

Ipswich by the sea.

Theatre of the Network Society

Or Why You Should See Narrative at the Court.

Hauled up in the dock. Photo: uncredited.

Project Colony

at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Fingerwaves, Victory Rolls, and torture.

photo by Peter Reimman

Thatcher the Artist

Directing the human spirit.


Mies Julie

at Riverside Studios

Exploitation Theatre.