Bojana Jankovic Deputy Performance Editor

Bojana Jankovic is one half of There There, a company composed of two eastern European theatre directors who turned from theatre to performance only to repeatedly question their decision. Before shifting to collaborative projects, she worked as a director and dramaturg on both classics and contemporary texts. She also wrote, and still writes for Teatron, a Belgrade theatre magazine. She has a soft spot for most things pop, is surprisingly good at maths for a thespian, and will get back to learning German any day now.

Photo: Luca di Filippo

The Dead

at Barbican Pit

Visualising nostalgia.

Exploring the language of the body: Cru. copyright Arthur Bramao.


at Southbank Centre

Minimalism and circus.

Scottee_photo 1 (2)-2

Light Art

Scottee on social mobility and the creation of his first solo show.


The Empathy Roadshow

at Artsadmin

Mirror neurons and methodology.


Hamlet de los Andes

at Barbican Pit

Deep-rooted in Bolivian culture.


Heaven in Berlin

at Testbed1

Cold war drama.

Stranger Than Fiction

Jeannot Painchaud on reinventing circus and why 'popular' doesn't exclude 'artistic'.