Bojana Jankovic Co-Editor, Performance

Bojana Jankovic

Bojana Jankovic is one half of There There, a company composed of two eastern European theatre directors who turned from theatre to performance only to repeatedly question their decision. Before shifting to collaborative projects, she worked as a director and dramaturg on both classics and contemporary texts. She also wrote for Teatron, a Belgrade theatre magazine. She has a soft spot for most things pop, is surprisingly good at maths for a thespian, and will get back to learning German any day now.


Calm Down Dear: The F Word

Emma Frankland, Racheal Ofori, Louise Orwin & Brian Logan on CPT’s Calm Down Dear, a festival of innovative feminist theatre.

Bloody immigrants: Justyna Scheuring's Foreigner's Dance (photo: Reh)

Tender Loin

at Toynbee Studios

Bite-sized performance.

photo: Alex Brenner


at Barbican Pit

Metaphorical darkness.


European Crystal Ball

David Edgar on Europe, America and social democracy, 25 years after the fall of Berlin Wall.


Old Dears

at Camden People's Theatre

Connecting the generations.


Programming Risk

Artist and activist Katy Baird on this year's Steakhouse Live and the benefits of artist-led initiatives.

Milk Presents - Self Service - Photo by Holly Revell IMG_8540

Self Service

at The Place

Queer and politics.