The Power of the Word

Rosie Wyatt on libraries, feminism and the potency of Clara Brennan's play, Spine.

The Things Bodies Can Do

Andy Field spends a weekend at Birmingham's Fierce Festival of performance.

Words and Actions

Artist-activist Pete the Temp on performance poetry, protest and the spoken word revolution.

Dance Social

Gillie Kleiman's poetic exploration of the social role of dance and her new project, A Lyrical Dance Concert.

Jabberwocky Market

"A constantly evolving project." Stewart Pringle visits the Darlington arts festival.

Latest Podcast

The Faraway Tree: Josh Coates

In the second Faraway Tree podcast, Daniel Bye speaks to Bolton based theatre-maker Josh Coates about what “emerging artist” means - if anything - and about what is and isn’t happening in Greater Manchester performance-wise at the moment.

From Our Archives

The Big Tease

Immodesty Blaize on the battle to bring burlesque into the mainstream.

The Shrine of the Imagination

David Lynch’s theatrical space.

Division of the Kingdoms

Simon Stephens on The Wire and Shakespeare.