Review: Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) at BAC

Battersea Arts Centre

“I need you to fall.”: Ka Bradley reviews Lost Dog's return to the Battersea Art's Centre.

Published Today


All Tomorrow’s Theatre

As part of the BAC's A Nation's Theatre Festival, All Tomorrow's Theatre brought together early career artists from across the UK, and set them in dialogue with venues and producers. Here, performance maker Paula Varjack offers a round-up of the day's conversations.

23 May


Review: The Threepenny Opera at National Theatre

National Theatre

"A bit too clean and palatable": Miriam Gillinson reviews Simon Stephen's new adaptation of Brecht.

Published Yesterday


Review: 1984 at Sadler’s Wells

Sadler's Wells

Compelled to be an avid observer: Anna Winter reviews Jonathan Watkins' production of Orwell for Northern Ballet.

Published Yesterday


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Effortless: The Solid Life of Sugar Water and The Chairs

In her latest column Amelia takes note of the successes of two recent disability-led productions.

9 May


Review: Jekyll & Hyde at the Old Vic

Old Vic

Gawky pelvic twitches and beautiful botany: Rachel Elderkin reviews Drew McOnie’s re-imagining of R.L. Stevenson’s classic.

Published Yesterday


Review: Voyager at New Diorama Theatre

New Diorama Theatre

"Not enough science for it to be science-driven and not enough character for it to be character-driven." Catherine Love reviews Idle Motion's tale of space travel.

Published Yesterday



Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

Theatre 2016: From underneath the pros arch

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord was among the speakers at Theatre 2016. Here, she explains why the weirdness of the conference's format, and location in the old school commercial West End, made it "one of the best arguments for robust arts funding that I’ve seen in a really long time."

Daniel Pitt

Watch Out Festival

Daniel Pitt is arts producer of Cambridge Junction, whose Watch Out Festival offers a full day of fiery performance for just £15 (£10 concs). Here, he explains why his 'gateway drug' festival will leave audiences buzzing.

Jingan Young

Jingan Young: Home is where…?

Playwright Jingan Young’s I’m Just Here to Buy Soy Sauce makes parallels between the harsh realities of buying your first home with the impersonal nature of Chinese investment. As it embarks on a London tour, she discusses the complexities of staging home, the housing crisis and feeling like an outsider.

Andrew Youngson

Wishbone Theatre: “I like to think of it as a single, rather than an album.”

Karen Glossop and Paul Murray have created a 15-minute micro play that explores bipolar - on a bicycle. Here, they explore how you can make work about mental health that's simple, without being simplistic.

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Review: Da-Da-Darling at Kings Weston House

Kings Weston House

Apricot bloomers and leeches: Rosemary Waugh reviews Impermanence Dance Theatre's night at Kings Weston House.

26 May


Review: The Illuminati Ball in NYC

An estate an hour outside of New York.

"A general feeling of mystery to support its own vagueness": Rafi Mittlefehldt reviews Cynthia von Buhler's immersive theatre event.

26 May


Review: Human Animals at Royal Court

Royal Court, Jerwood Upstairs

Sex? Prozac? Property?: Emma Smith reviews Stef Smith's Royal Court debut play about the fine line between animals and humans.

25 May


Review: 32 rue Vandenbranden at HOME


"You gradually learn not to trust a single thing you see": Andrew Haydon reviews Peeping Tom at HOME.

25 May

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16 May
Tom Wicker

James Fritz: “The language of love sets everybody up for failure.”

Ross and Rachel is a hit play that picks apart the romantic politics of Friends. As it embarks on a New York run, followed by a UK tour, Tom Wicker chats to its author James Fritz about why we should question the seductive language of love.

15 May
Kate Wyver

Smoking Apples: “It’s about asking the right questions.”

Kate Wyver chats to Molly Freeman, co-artistic director of puppetry company Smoking Apples, about how their new performance will bring the complex world of deep sea trawlers to the stage.

13 May
Andrew Haydon


Theatre 2016, “The largest ever industry-wide conference for everyone who cares about the future of theatre in the UK”, has managed to alienate an astonishing number of people who care about theatre. Here's Andrew Haydon on how they've done it.

12 May
Chris McCormack

Bush Moukarzel: “You say something profound but it gets you nowhere.”

As 'Chekhov's First Play' opens at MayFest, the co-artistic director of Dead Centre talks to Chris McCormack about Beckett, Lippy, and how theatre can interrogate meaninglessness.