Redux Review: Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring

Dancing with death: Ka Bradley reckons with Pina Bausch's mesmerising dance ritual, across multiple encounters

29 July


10 Years of Sh!t

Sh!t Theatre celebrate their fringe anniversary (and unexpected year off) with this whistletop tour of ten years of not getting paid in the rain.

Published Yesterday


Who would have thought it would come to this?

The 2020 Edinburgh fringe is (mostly) cancelled this year. So Natasha Tripney's cut-up style poem imagines what the festival will be like, when it returns.

3 August


Drama School’s Class of 2020

"It feels like this complex sense of grief": Joseph Winer talks to a generation of theatre graduates as they reckon with the loss and opportunities the pandemic has brought.

25 July


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An Apology, A Commitment

As Equity drafts a new code of conduct for critics, Alice Saville writes about racism and reviewing.

24 July


What does leadership in the arts cost?

As the pay rates of senior arts leaders spark debate, Campbell Edinborough explores the relationship between labour and value.

21 July


Jack McNamara

Rehearsal Diary: The Spirit

Jack McNamara reflects on 'The Spirit', a collaboration with Thibault Delferiere that took place on the brink of lockdown.

Tracey Sinclair

Football Chants for Theatre

"Where are you hiding, Ollie Dowden?" - Tracey Sinclair attempts to unite the warring spheres of football and theatre with some chants to yell from the stalls.

Laura Horton

Stories from Theatre Royal Plymouth

When news of redundancies hit, Laura Horton collected testimonies of what Theatre Royal Plymouth meant to artists and audiences. Here are 10 of them.

Atri Banerjee

Dear Oliver

Director Atri Banerjee imagines some letters to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, during the long wait for government support.

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Redux review: Lungs at Old Vic

Interlinked anxieties: Ava Wong Davies writes on Duncan Macmillan's climate drama in its 2019 revival and its 2020 split screen livestream.

18 July


Review: Remnants, by Soundworlds

No place to mourn: Natasha Tripney writes on an audio drama about the aftermath of the atrocities in Bosnia.

16 July


Review: Jury Duty by Exit Productions

Crime and punishment: Simon Gwynn takes part in an interactive adventure that explores how justice is done online.

1 July


Review: The Cats Outside My Window

"Audience members are encouraged to follow their own instincts" at the wild immersive show that unfolds daily outside Ka Bradley's window.

19 June

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29 June
Alice Saville

Some Reasons to Save the UK’s Theatres and Production Companies

Alice Saville collates some arguments for urgently funding theatres now, so that they'll still be there for us in whatever world awaits us in 2021.

26 June
Natasha Tripney

A dialogue on theatres and communities

Who is theatre for? Why does it matter? What do we stand to lose? A group of directors, producers and critics talk theatre and community.

23 June
Natasha Tripney

POSTWEST Festival: What does it mean to be Eastern European?

“Something positive came out of this shitty situation:” Natasha Tripney talks to the artists who are moving Eastern European arts festival POSTWEST online.

22 June
Francesca Peschier

Storytelling adventures and critical hits

Francesca Peschier chats to a horde of theatremakers/dungeon-masters/rampaging orcs to ask what theatre can learn from D&D.