The Making of the Mask

Designer Isa Shaw-Abulafia explains how she created the face of Pomona.

Performing Anxiety

Laura Jane Dean & Tim Clare on honesty, adrenaline, anxiety and theatre as self-medication.

The Last Great Adventure is You

Alice Saville and Kirsten Tambling on Tracey Emin's White Cube exhibition.

Waiting for Hope

Accidental Collective exchange postcards on making a show about hope (when having none).

Something Other

A series of open-end questions: Mary Paterson introduces research project Something Other.

Latest Podcast

The Faraway Tree: Nicki Hobday

Daniel Bye speaks to theatre maker and performer Nicki Hobday, who’s recently worked with Forced Entertainment, Michael Pinchbeck and 30Bird. They talk about Manchester’s making communities, about making your own work as compared to appearing in that of others, and about ambition and career “ladders”.

From Our Archives

The Point of Convergence

Es Devlin on the creation of worlds and the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

The Big Tease

Immodesty Blaize on the battle to bring burlesque into the mainstream.

Division of the Kingdoms

Simon Stephens on The Wire and Shakespeare.