Review: The Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings show

A tragedy in two acts: Natasha Tripney assesses the theatrical merits of the government's most recent instalments of live-streamed satire

26 May


A Case for Liveness

"When you go to a live performance, you take your body with you": Annie Saunders writes on the essential connection between medium and message.

25 May


Revisiting The Encounter

Holly Williams loops back to Simon McBurney's time-bending binaural adventure, and asks him what it can say to lockdown audiences.

23 May


An open letter to theatre and performance makers

A group of theatre and performance organisations are coming together to offer support and a voice to freelancers. Their open letter explains why.

21 May


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Review: BE at Home

Hope in the dark: Ben Kulvichit discovers underground caves, cardboard time capsules and durational circus feats at BE Festival's online edition.

21 May


Review: Yard Online

Hope and healing: Hannah Greenstreet writes on the intimate, soothing and disconcerting interactive digital performances at The Yard's one day festival.

19 May


Alice Saville

What could socially distanced theatre look like?

We could have celebrity monologues in half-empty auditoriums. Or, we could look to the experimental theatremakers who've made space for new forms.

Natasha Tripney

A Dialogue on Making Work Collectively

How can we support artists better? What forms can collaboration take? A group of artists and producers discuss the future of making work collectively.

Alice Saville

Theatre’s Left Behind Freelancers

Alice Saville surveys the freelance theatre workers who aren't covered by government support, and have been left without income overnight.

Selina Thompson

Post Pandemic #Work

Selina Thompson lists and itemises the performances to come, once lockdown is over.

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Review: The Department of Dreams

What dreams may come: Natasha Tripney discusses a US production of Jeton Neziraj's dystopian story of sleep and the subconscious.

14 May


Review: GIFT Festival

A digital invitation: Tracey Sinclair overcomes her livestream scepticism at Gateshead's teeming, welcoming online festival of live art.

5 May


Imaginary Review: The Occupation Army of Cripples

Amelia Cavallo completes Greyscale and Exeunt's imaginary reviews series with "a glimpse of what crip utopia could look like".

29 April


Imaginary Review: For the Love of it All

The series continues with Wambui Hardcastle’s spirit-lifting show about love, unfolding in Byker's grass ampitheatre.

28 April

More Features

22 April
Natasha Tripney

Archive theatre, new connections

"I'm learning a culture and a country through its theatre": Natasha Tripney writes on her enriching encounters with online performance.

15 April
Exeunt Staff

Celebrity Coronavirus Videos, Reviewed

Exeunt's writers pen micro-reviews of the tone-deaf, delightful, or dazzlingly weird video art created by celebrities under lockdown.

11 April
Farah Najib

No drama club today

Farah Najib reflects on the impact of school closures on kids, and on what theatres can do to reach children in lockdown.

10 April
Natasha Tripney

A European Theatre Dialogue: Aesthetics and Radicalism

The discussion concludes with an exploration of aesthetics and set design in European theatre; and questions about what it will take for the UK to change.