Looping the Loop Festival

Stewart Pringle and Alice Saville visit Thanet's theatrical Dreamland.

Of Red Rooms and Squirrel Spirit Animals

Ryan van Winkle on hoarding, the poetry of place, and his new collection The Good Dark.

Revisiting and Rebuilding

Julian Spooner of Rhum and Clay on redeveloping their show A Strange Wild Song.

What is Artist Development?

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, James Yarker, Natalie Querol, and Paul Warwick debate 'This Thing Called Artist Development.'

Hogwash and Nonsense

Mr Twonkey - aka comedian Paul Vickers - on the nature of nonsense and his love for Ivor Cutler.

Latest Podcast

Pursued by a Bear – episode 2

Find on iTunes here:¬†goo.gl/Yn4Xc5 This month it’s political. We have reviews and discussions of the latest in political theatre including…. Reviews of Lampedusa at Soho Theatre, Fight Night at Unicorn Theatre and Stand at Battersea Arts Centre. Round the table to discuss the shows are Bob Churchill, Jessie Thompson, Tim Bano and Annegret Marten Also, […]

From Our Archives


Troma, SuperTed, sexy rabbits and Match of the Day: a look at how VHS shaped our cultural memories.

Division of the Kingdoms

Simon Stephens on The Wire and Shakespeare.

Intimacy and Performance

A poet's apologetic journey into immersive theatre.