at Theatre Royal Haymarket

Mid-market playing it safe.

Playing for Time

at Crucible TheatreFour.

Auschwitz's orchestra.

The Feast

at Flea TheaterThree.

Too close for comfort.


at Richmond Theatre

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again...

Tender Loin

at Toynbee Studios

Bite-sized performance.


at Crucible Studio

The unbearable pain of being alive.


Responsibilities of Representation

Tess Berry-Hart and Odessa Celt debate what place theatre has in affecting social change.

Child’s Play

Purni Morell, Artistic Director of the Unicorn Theatre, on making uncompromising children's theatre.

Necessary Friction

Shamser Sinha on creating his new play The Dissidents with the Tricycle's Young Company

Women Centre Stage

"The majority of parts written for women are shit compared to what the lads get to do."

Soho Story

David Ralf speaks to Jon Brittain - aka Maggie's manager - about Kings and Queens of Soho, Bovril and Section 28.

Latest Podcast

The Faraway Tree: Dick Bonham and Gloria Lindh

Daniel Bye speaks to Dick Bonham and Gloria Lindh, directors of Leeds-based producers Little Mighty. They talk about Leeds, producer-led companies, curation as an art form and what we do to support artists after they go out of fashion.

From Our Archives

The Drowned Man: Playing the Game

A conversation about Punchdrunk, gaming and spectatorship.

The Shrine of the Imagination

David Lynch’s theatrical space.

Philip Ridley Q&A

Notes from inside the Exeunt-hosted event.