Review: The Great Gatsby at Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol (online)

The roaring 2020s: Lilith Wozniak reviews The Wardrobe Ensemble's inventive filmed adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

Published Yesterday


Natalie Ibu: “I think the sector has been too seduced by the idea of new and young and sexy”

The new artistic director of Northern Stage talks doomscrolling, digital theatre, and fighting to bring back the artists that theatre's lost.

25 February


Review: Rice! at Omnibus Theatre (online)

Cooking without a recipe: Naomi Obeng writes on a Malaysian and UK co-production about living across two cultures.

3 March


Review: May Contain Food by Protein (online)

Good enough to eat: Rosemary Waugh cooks along with a show that explores our relationship with food.

15 February


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Review: Present Futures festival (online)

'Interdependent beings': Ben Kulvichit writes on a digital festival exploring the complex relationships between humans and technology.

12 February


Review: Earwig at Tron Theatre, Glasgow (online)

Theatre for the cochlea: Tracey Sinclair reviews a varied set of audio-plays produced by sound designer Danny Krass.

12 February


Laura Harris and James Rowson

Nearly a year on, UK theatre freelancers are still in the dark

Laura Harris and James Rowson share some initial findings from research project Freelancers in the Dark, charting broken lines of communication, grief, solidarity and hope.

Natasha Tripney

Exeunt: The First Five Years

Exeunt marks its tenth birthday with a look back at its beginnings from co-Founding Editor Natasha Tripney.

Francesca Peschier

The Theatre Snob’s Guide to Terrible (aka BRILLIANT) Reality Telly

If you're starved of drama, Francesca Peschier's here to show you the classic reality tv shows that will supply contrived plots, heroic journeys, and bloodthirsty thrills.

Exeunt Staff

14 things we never thought we’d miss about going to the theatre

Astringent theatre wine, awkward interval conversations, besieged bladders...and all the things Exeunt's writers would love to get annoyed by once more.

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Review: Swimming Home at The Lowry, Salford (online)

Diluted content: James Varney reviews an audio piece to be experienced in the bathroom that slips through the fingers.

11 February


Review: Chalk Walk, Edinburgh

Rambling conversation: Crystal Bennes writes on the nourishing simplicity of Ben Harrison's promenade performance.

11 February


Review: Game/Damned Be the Traitor of My Homeland

Picking at scabs: Natasha Tripney writes on two shows that messily subvert Slovenia's sense of national identity.

9 February


Review: How can we care for each other, a festival at The Place (online)

"I'm feeling quite exhausted": Lily Levinson encounters a dance festival that looks at the challenges of expressing care in a contact-starved era.

4 February

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24 December
Exeunt Staff

The livestreams that won us round to online theatre in 2020

Exeunt's writers look back on a year of livestreams, and the journey from despondency to hope.

17 December
Samuel Sims

It’s time for theatres to stop treating front-of-house staff as disposable

Samuel Sims chats to front of house workers about why theatres need to change both their attitudes and their contracts.

16 December
Fergus Morgan

2020: A year for critical kindness

As theatre in 2020 stumbles from crisis to crisis, critics are reaching for the stars – and, Fergus Morgan argues, that's okay.

15 December
Rosemary Waugh

Bryony Shanahan: “We need to laugh together and cry together to try to figure this thing out.”

Rosemary Waugh interviews the co-artistic director of Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre about her tumultuous first year in the job.