Natalia Kaliada: “Any system, anywhere, is afraid of people who think.”

The artistic director of Belarus Free Theatre on Staging A Revolution.

Are We On The Same Page?

Lee Anderson reports back from a one-day symposium on text and performance organised by Catherine Love.

A Return to Jabberwocky Market

Stewart Pringle reports back from a weekend in Darlington for a mythical mirror beast of a festival.

Inside The Calais Jungle

Tess Berry-Hart on visiting the refugee camps in Calais, and what we can do to help.

Candoco: Let’s Talk About Dis

Donald Hutera on the influential repertory company that works with both disabled and non-disabled dancers.

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Troma, SuperTed, sexy rabbits and Match of the Day: a look at how VHS shaped our cultural memories.

The Shrine of the Imagination

Stewart Pringle explores David Lynch’s use of theatrical space.

Division of the Kingdoms

Simon Stephens on The Wire and Shakespeare.