08 November 2013

A New Hope

The opening of the Hope, London's newest pub theatre.

16 October 2013

Rufus Norris appointed Director of National Theatre.

Adaptable director take over in 2015.

Editors' Columns

Natasha's Week Ahead

Future Histories

New plays by Simon Stephens and Mike Bartlett.

Daniel's Week Behind

Theatre of the Network Society

Or Why You Should See Narrative at the Court.


Burgers, Queens and Bingo Wings

Rachel Porter on Scottee's alternative beauty pageant.

The Glorious Georges

A new exhibition explores the court of George II and Queen Caroline at Kensington Palace.

Latest Podcast

Acting on test results in an electronic world

"I'm in a big, cold, mostly empty, disused shop in Folkestone, alone, surrounded by lots of pieces of coloured card which were scribbled on yesterday, two wooden chairs, a list of things to write, and my medical file from the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma. A medical record, neater and more compact than I expected it to be, containing all the necessary information and data, for the sixteen weeks I spent undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy. I pick it up, and start reading it, out loud." Laura will be at BAC with her show Head Hand Head on the 21st & 22nd of March.

From Our Archives

The Drowned Man: Playing the Game

A conversation about Punchdrunk, gaming and spectatorship.

The Big Tease

Immodesty Blaize on the battle to bring burlesque into the mainstream.

The Shrine of the Imagination

David Lynch’s theatrical space.