Review: Two Man Show at the Soho Theatre

Soho Theatre

"Where fake muses stand on fake plinths to pose for fake male gazes": Diana Damian Martin reviews the post-Edinburgh run of Two Man Show at the Soho Theatre.

Published Today


Give Me Your Skin

Tom Ross-Williams and Oonagh Murphy on playing out the tensions in queer politics through their new performance game, Give Me Your Skin.

19 September


Review: The Collector at York Theatre Royal

York Theatre Royal

Louise Jones reviews a production of Henry Naylor's Iraq War play which makes the most of silence and spotlights.

Published Today


Review: punkplay at Southwark Playhouse

Southwark Playhouse

Best friends, bad friends and record collections: Maddy Costa discusses the DIY spirit of punk and Gregory Moss's play.

Published Yesterday


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What is A Superhuman Anyway?

A look at the new Channel 4 advert for the Rio Paralympics and the notion of meeting the "superhumans" in their follow-up to the 2012 ad.

11 August


Review: Father Comes Home From the Wars (parts 1, 2 and 3) at the Royal Court

Royal Court, Jerwood Downstairs

Amy Borsuk provides an American perspective on Suzan-Lori Parks's trilogy.

Published Yesterday


Review: Hamlet at the Public Theatre

Public Theatre

The Prince of Denmark in the age of the iPhone: Gabe Cohn reviews a new Mobile Unit production.

23 September



Ben Walters

A Cabaret Classroom

Ahead of 'The Prime of Ms David Hoyle' at Chelsea Theatre, Ben Walters explores performance, queer education and why didacticism doesn't have to be a dirty word.

Rosemary Waugh

Documental: “theatre inspired by lived experience.”

Lucy Bell talks to Rosemary Waugh about teenage dads, making documentaries and her latest play, Pulling Out, at the Camden People's Theatre.

Andy Field

Urban Heat: Dro

Andy Field, co-director of Forest Fringe, explores the tiny mountain village of Dro, using its forests to think about how we can reimagine society from the ground up. This is part of a series of dispatches from Urban Heat – a new project exploring the future of theatre’s engagement with urban space and communities.

Duska Radosavljevic

Anne Peter: “Theatre criticism won’t die out.”

Duška Radosavljević interviews Anne Peter, editor at German theatre publication nachtkritik.de, about how the site's new model of criticism works - and the challenges of supporting high-quality journalism online.

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Review: Beam at Moor Theatre Delicatessen

Moor Theatre Delicatessen

Are you sitting comfortably? John Murphy joins granny for Jelly Babies and stories at Moor Theatre Delicatessen.

23 September


Review: Hit the Body Alarm at The Performing Garage

The Performing Garage

Loren Noveck discovers "a darkly luminous meditation on freedom, captivity, mortality, and memory."

22 September


Review: Room 4 at The People’s Improv Theater

The Peoples Improv Theater

Seth Simons enjoys a "loopy" one-act with just the right punch.

22 September


Review: OCD Love at Sadler’s Wells

Sadler's Wells

Hypnotic strangeness and power: Anna Winter reviews L-E-V's dance piece based on a poem by Neil Hilborn.

22 September

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5 September
Rosemary Waugh

“I hope that a Clean Break play changes your heart a little bit.”

Róisín McBrinn, head of the artistic programme at Clean Break, talks to Rosemary Waugh about government cuts, vulnerable women and their latest production at The Yard in Hackney.

1 September
Beth Iredale

An Edinburgh Festival Sketchbook

Artist Beth Iredale pulls focus away from value judgements and towards visual impact with some illustrated responses to performances she saw at the Edinburgh fringe.

1 September
Exeunt Staff

The Highs and Lows of Edinburgh-ing

The Edinburgh Festival is over, and if you're reading this you've survived, more or less intact. Here's an excuse to relive its euphoric highs and darkest lows, through the medium of our very fringiest stories, tweets, and photos.

29 August
Verity Healey

Burning Doors

Belarus Free Theatre's newest performance Burning Doors tells the stories of three dissident artists, and stars Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina. Verity Healey joined them in the rehearsal room to explore their incendiary creative process.