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Review: LIVEVIBE Generations at Peacock Theatre

Peacock Theatre

Anna Winter reviews Hakeem Onibudo and Impact Dance's celebration of hip hop, street and African-inspired dance.

Published Today


Campaign for more Temporary Theatre

Last week, it was announced that the NT's Temporary Theatre would house its final performances this spring. Alice Saville makes a plea for its reprieve.

Published Today


Nina Segal: “All acts of memory are acts of storytelling.”

As her new play 'In The Night Time (Before The Sun Rises)' opens at the Gate Theatre, Nina Segal ponders the "hazy, murky" ways that stories saturate our earliest memories.

Published Today


Review: Greywing House at Vaults

The Vaults

Update re: Amelia Greywing Missing Person Case

Published Yesterday


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Column: 342 Days

The year-long durational performance none of you are watching.

4 February


Review: Battlefield at Young Vic

Young Vic

"The survivors of war embark on a macabre and ill-fated jigsaw puzzle of torn-apart flesh," in Brook and Estienne's adaptation of an Indian epic.

Published Yesterday


Simon Stokes: “This could be a complete trashing of my reputation.”

Tim Bano talks to Simon Stokes, artistic director of Theatre Royal Plymouth, about democracy and Monster Raving Loony, a new play by James Graham.

Published Yesterday



Rosemary Waugh

Rebecca Crookshank: “It’s about being human and emerging, like Athena from the battle.”

Rosemary Waugh talks to the actress, playwright and former RAF Airwoman about the struggles that shaped her journey to creating 'Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot' - a one-woman interrogation of female experiences in the military.

Nicole Serratore

Reclaiming Cultural Spaces: A Dialogue

Nicole Serratore talks to performers Jess Thom and Gardiner Comfort about relaxed performances, changing attitudes and critical perspectives on work by disabled artists.

Kate Maltby

Award ceremonies: A case for the scene stealers.

With theatre award season upon us, Kate Maltby makes a case for rewarding the efforts of the unsung heroes and especially heroines of the supporting cast.

Poppy Corbett

The Student Guide to Writing: Playwriting

Central St. Martins’ investigation into the teaching of playwriting bears innovative fruit in a brand new writing competition.

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Review: The Winter’s Tale at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

"Director Michael Longhurst energetically tackles all the perceived problems with the ‘problem play.’" Dave Fargnoli reviews Exeunt's favourite Shakespeare.

6 February


Review: The Dog and the Elephant at Bristol Old Vic Studio

Bristol Old Vic Studio

Protein shakes and the Victorian slums: Rosemary Waugh reviews Cuckoo Collective's debut work.

6 February


Review: Washer/Dryer at The Beckett Theatre

The Beckett Theatre

Nicole Serratore sees a show that "skates along on mostly fluffy charm", but at times the laughs feel forced.

4 February


Review: Regeneration at Wardrobe Theatre

Wardrobe Theatre

"It doesn’t feel like a call for revolution": Kate Wyver reviews Write By Number's production about gentrification.

4 February

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27 January
Alice Saville

VAULT Festival 2016: What to See

Cheap fringe theatre? Even cheaper wine? Let our writers guide you through the labyrinthine programme of London's sprawling fringe festival.

26 January
Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson: “If VAULT loses any money, any at all, we fold: game over.”

VAULT festival director Tim Wilson on the treacherous economics of running a fringe theatre festival, and why this year could be VAULT festival's last.

25 January
Tim Bano

Gary Owen: “This is not a time to be subtle.”

Gary Owen talks to Tim Bano about government cuts, growing up in Wales, and his latest play Iphigenia In Splott.

25 January
Exeunt Staff

Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

David Bowie and Alan Rickman both passed away in one very sad week. As dust of social media tributes, op-eds and excavated controversies starts to settle, Exeunt contributors think about how the internet has changed our experience of collective, and individual, mourning.