Review: Bubble by Kieran Hurley

Social media stormclouds: Louise Jones writes on the Facebook livestream of Kieran Hurley's student activism drama.

26 March


The paradoxes of trying to make art during a pandemic

Alice Saville writes on how coronavirus offers theatre an opportunity to rethink what 'being in a room together' really means.

30 March


Livestreaming Your Art

Jason Crouch walks you through some of the potential issues and shining opportunities involved in streaming performances.

19 March


Covid-19 Resources for UK Theatre

An evolving collection of advice, resources and opportunities for people who work in theatre and are affected by coronavirus.

19 March


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Review: The Seven Streams of the River Ota at National Theatre

A starting gun: Ava Wong Davies on Robert LePage's epic but flattening narrative of suffering and resilience.

18 March


Review: Elevator Festival, Live Theatre

Seeds for the future: Tracey Sinclair writes on Live Theatre's showcase of developing work from emerging makers from the North East and beyond.

17 March


Robin Craig

Breakfast on Pluto: Why are theatres still slipping up on trans representation?

After cis actors were cast in trans roles in 'Breakfast on Pluto' and 'Bring it On', Robin Craig asks why theatres keep failing queer audiences.

Hailey Bachrach

Not My Story

Hailey Bachrach spots a trend: female characters breaking the fourth wall to rail against their limited options.

Alice Saville

The costly stage magic of Caryl Churchill

With both 'Far Away' and 'A Number' on in London, now's your moment to develop a Caryl Churchill obsession. Alice Saville writes on two plays that are designed to mesmerise.

Exeunt Staff

Roundtable: Yolanda Bonnell requested that only people of colour review her work. Why the outcry?

Naomi Obeng assembles a group of artists, critics and academics to respond to Yolanda Bonnell's request, and the Guardian article that followed.

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Review: Faustus: That Damned Woman at Bristol Old Vic

I could do so much more: Ben Kulvichit reviews Chris Bush's ambitious, time travelling reinterpretation of Doctor Faustus.

16 March


Review: Love, Love, Love at Lyric Hammersmith

The price of freedom: Joseph Winer reviews Mike Bartlett's baby boomer satire, 10 years after it first premiered.

16 March


Review: MAIM at Tron Theatre, Glasgow

'Head above water': Andrew Edwards reviews Theatre Gu Leòr's multilingual play about climate crisis and the erosion of the Gàidhlig language.

14 March


Review: Shoe Lady at the Royal Court

'An odyssey in miniature': Hannah Greenstreet writes on E.V. Crowe's new play about a woman whose life spirals out of control when she loses a shoe.

12 March

More Features

18 February
Rosemary Waugh

Tim Cowbury and Mark Maughan: “It’s a completely fucked system”

The Claim is a Kafka-esque dive into the UK's asylum system. Here, its creators talk bureaucracy, funding, and making political theatre without the capital 'P'.

14 February
Nkenna Akunna

Temi Wilkey: “It feels like a bit of a reckoning”

Playwrights Nkenna Akunna and Temi Wilkey catch up, and talk 'The High Table', internalised homophobia, and what it's like to want a play that's made for you.

10 February
Bella Todd

A Call to Critique

Bella Todd writes on why artists with learning disabilities are ready for critical engagement: it's time for critics to catch up.

5 February
Alice Saville

The Problematised Populism of MONA FOMA

Tasmania's triumphantly weird arts festival lures in audiences with magic, sweat and glitter.